Wine & Dine With Me

So a friend of mine had decided to ask me to accompany them to try out this new Greek restaurant not too far from us. Little did I know, that I'd literally be dining in the most amazing restaurant in my area. Like, where have they been? Upon our arrival there - the service was right down fantastic!

I decide to order a chicken salad because my appetite can be quite a handful to try and work with. One day I can take down mountains of food - literally and the next its like my body refuses to accept anything of the sort. But all in all I can proudly say that I do eat quite a lot, in all honestly.. Just in really small portions :) But I'm really sure it must be a girl thing hey?
Back to my favorite Greek restaurant.. My chicken salad came looking all kinds of delicious

Irene Village Mall - Mythos

I am huge lover of some great Sauvignon Wine, so I definitely had to down all that greatness with some even better wine. I honestly cannot remember what my friend had in the other glass LOL please forgive me but it was quite sweet. I do remember that much.

Irene Village Mall - Mythos

I would definitely love to here some of your great restaurant moments, where it took place and would you recommend them? Let me know



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